Join one of the Leaders in the world of Filtration

When it comes to cleaner water, air, mobility and industries, there is no ‘mine’ or ‘yours’…it can only be ‘ours’.


Contributing to the sustainability of the planet for over 80 years with our development and production.

Our mission is to separate the useful from the harmful with our filters, which we have been developing, manufacturing, and selling since 1941.

We started as a family business, founded by the Mann and Hummel families, specializing in oil filters for automotive industry, in the German city of Ludwigsburg.

Today, we are one of the leading companies in the field of mobility, industry, water, and air filtration. We are supported by more than 23,000 colleagues in 80 branches across all continents. Perhaps you could be next to join us on our journey towards the sustainability of the planet?

We separate harmful from useful

MANN+HUMMEL in Czech Republic

Did you know that there is more than one MANN+HUMMEL in the Czech Republic?

One production facility operates in Nová Ves near Třebíč, and another one can be found in Uherský Brod. Customer care has always been very important for us, therefore we opened an shared services center in Brno and Nová Ves 15 years ago. From here, we provide support to our employees and customers across all branches worldwide.

Our commitment to employee well-being shines through various awards, including the Sodexo Employer of the Region (repeatedly since 2020), Safe Enterprise, Family-Friendly Enterprise, and the Vysočina Region Governor's Award for Social Responsibility.

Nová Ves
(CZ) v.o.s.


In Nová Ves in the Třebíč region, we have been manufacturing filters and filtration components for the automotive industry since 1993. With over 1,000 employees, we are amongst the largest Czech manufacturers and suppliers of various filtration technology brands. Our most well-known product brand is MANN FILTER.

Despite having a 30-year history as a production facility, our environment is very clean and modern.

Nová Ves
Service s.r.o.

MANN+HUMMEL Service s.r.o.

Our Shared Services Centre has been operating since 2008. Currently, we have 500 employees working from two locations – Nová Ves near Třebíč and Technological park in Brno.

From these two locations we support our 80+ subsidiaries: Customer Service, Finance & Accounting, Procurement, HR, Marketing, IT&SAP and R&D.

Amongst our colleagues, you can find experienced professionals one can learn a lot from but also graduates with language skills who consistently gain expertise thanks to complex training.

Uherský Brod
Innenraumfilter (CZ) s.r.o.

MANN+HUMMEL Innenraumfilter (CZ) s.r.o.

Our plant in Uherský Brod has been producing cabin filters for automotive industry and filters for consumer goods industry since 2005. The portfolio amounts to over 800 types of products and more than 10 milion filters are delivered to our customers annually.

One of our most recognized brands in the world of filtration is MANN FILTER. The plant itself is part of the family owned MANN+HUMMEL business, whose steady growth and development is driven by the work of more than 22000 employees.

Our employees enjoy nice and modern work environment. We bet on personalized approach and complex onboarding training for newcomers. We love what we do and we are happy to be a part of this ever-growing manufacturing company. Come grow with us!


Who are we looking for?

Experienced professionals, managers, as well as graduates with language skills. Check out our vacancies to learn more.

Manufacturing jobs

We have two manufacturing subsidiaries in the Czech Republic with a long history, clean working environment and modern equipment. We focus on production of air, oil and fuel filtration systems.

In order to continue in this tradition, we look for manually-skilled colleagues.

Office jobs

We offer positions suitable for experienced professionals, as well as juniors in many fields.

We place emphasis on your personality, common sense, willingness to learn and cooperate, share know-how and continuously look for improvement opportunities.

Students and graduates

Students are welcome to explore temporary jobs, part-time jobs, internships or apprenticeships. You can write your bachelor’s od master’s thesis with MANN+HUMMEL or participate in one of our regular field trips. It Is important to us that you balance work schedule with your academic duties.

Fresh graduates can apply for various junior positions which can be a great starting point for career growth.

Why us?

7 reasons to choose MANN+HUMMEL


We develop and manufacture products which contribute to cleaner mobility, industry, air and water.


We are awarded top employer awards on regular basis.


An experienced professional or a fresh graduate – there is an opportunity in MANN+HUMMEL for everyone.


And also modern, clean and safe work environment.


We trust our employees and expect responsibility and results in return.


We use foreign languages on regular basis and get to know interesting people all around the world.


We combine the strength of a global company with human touch of a family-owned business.


Benefits can vary in different locations as we tailor them according to needs of our employees. For more information please check individual job advertisements.

More holiday days
than mandated by law
Meal contribution
Health and leisure contribution
Transport contribution
Home Office
Flexible working hours
Pension contribution
Company training
& personal growth
Cultural and Social Events


What connects us all? Informal company culture, humanity, friendliness, willingness to share know-how and inspiring each other. We don’t indulge in pretense; we thrive for real.

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